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“It was you that broke the new wood
Now is the time for carving.”

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source: “A Pact,” in Ezra Pound: Early Writings, ed. by Ira B. Nadel (New York: Penguin, 2005).

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medium: Poetry

“I would like to make solid wood clocks if the opportunity came up. I like glue, and I like to cut with saws.”

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source: “Bob Dylan in Conversation with John Elderfield,” Spring 2011.

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medium: Interview

“I was out at the track and I was going by a barn and there were several horses and I was looking at them as I walked by. And one just caught my eye because he’d been cribbing on a white piece of plywood that was the door to his stall. And he’d eaten away the wood and the picture that it created…I kid you not…it was a picture of a horse jumping over a fence!”

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source: The Late Show with David Letterman, CBS, September 28, 2004; transcript here

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medium: Television Interview

“Solid wood has almost disappeared as too expensive, complicated and old-fashioned. I reintroduced it as a construction method here because it feels good to be with, to be in. You feel a certain way in a glass or concrete or limestone building. It has an effect on your skin—the same with plywood or veneer, or solid timber. Wood doesn’t steal energy from your body the way glass and concrete steal heat. When it’s hot, a wood house feels cooler than a concrete one, and when it’s cold, the other way around. So I preserved the wood-beam construction because of what it can do for your body.”

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source: “The Ascension of Peter Zumthor,” by Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times Magazine, March 11, 2011.

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medium: Magazine profile

“Older and less planned quarters of cities and towns are profoundly woodlike, and especially in this matter of the mode of their passage through us, the way they unreel, disorientate, open, close, surprise, please. The stupidest mistake of all the many stupid mistakes of twentieth-century architecture has been to forget this ancient model in the more grandiose town-planning. Geometric, linear cities make geometric, linear people; wood cities make human beings.”

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source: The Tree (New York: Ecco, 1983), 61.

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via: Kevin Lippert

“I knew from the very first that some day there would be a cow here. One of the first things that turned up when we bought the place was a milking stool, an old one, handmade, smooth with the wax finish which only the seat of an honest man’s breeches can give to wood.”

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source: “Getting Ready for a Cow,” in One Man’s Meat (New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1944), 315.

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medium: essay

notes: White wrote this essay in September 1942.

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