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“You realize that one reason nothing gets done in America is that one of the political parties puts so much more into fantasy problems than real ones. Governing this country with Republicans is like rooming with a meth addict. You want to address real-life problems like when the rent is due, and they’re saying, ‘How can you even think of that stuff when there’s police scanner voices coming out of the air conditioning unit?'”

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source: Real Time With Bill Maher, HBO, Episode 206, March 18, 2011.

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“I told all of our guys, shut up, tone it down, make your argument intellectually. You don’t have to do it with bombast.”

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source: response to the shootings in Tucson, Arizona on January 8, 2011 and our country’s tense political climate, in “Exclusive: Roger Ailes & Russell Simmons: Both Sides Are Wrong,” Global Grind, January 10, 2011.

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