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“Mick has to dictate to life. He wants to control it. To me, life is a wild animal. You hope to deal with it when it leaps at you. That is the most marked difference between us. He can’t go to sleep without writing out what he’s going to do when he wakes up. I just hope to wake up, and it’s not a disaster.”

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source: Oct. 17, 2002 interview by David Fricke, in The Rolling Stone Interviews, ed. by Jann S. Wenner and Joe Levy (New York: Back Bay Books, 2007), 438.

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“I was raised by my father on the doctrine that, for busy people, there is ‘no such thing as a convenient time for a vacation.’ That being so—my father deduced—take a vacation exactly when you want to; and let the chips fall where they will, since chips are going to fall in any case.”

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source: Airborne (New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1976), 53.

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notes: Airborne is Buckley's description of his sail across the Atlantic with his son and five friends.

“It amazes me that most people spend more time planning next summer’s vacation than they do planning the rest of their lives.”

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source: Get What You Want! (Executive Books, 1998).

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