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“Most writer interviews are not art at all, but a sort of cultural packaging. The cages are too small, the questioner’s powers too sweeping; what we want to know obliterates what the speaker wants to say.”

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source: “The Interview as Art,” in The Good Word and Other Words (New York: E. P. Dutton, 1978), 211.

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notes: beautiful essay about Sheed's writing published by Dwight Garner here

“To me, Nature is continuously absorbing—that is, she is a twenty-four-hour proposition, fifty-two weeks of the year—but to radio people, Nature is an oddity tinged with malevolence and worthy of note only in her more violent moments. The radio either lets Nature alone or gives her the full treatment, as it did at the approach of the hurricane called Edna.”

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source: “The Eye of Edna,” New Yorker, September 25, 1954.

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