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“The most surprising and fascinating thing I learned is that there are ‘introverts’ and ‘extroverts’ throughout the animal kingdom—all the way down to the level of fruit flies!”

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source: “The Power of Introverts: A Manifesto for Quiet Brilliance,” interview with Gareth Cook, Scientific American, January 24, 2012.

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“Digital media is an amplifier. It tends to make extroverts more extroverted and introverts more introverted.”

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source: “Seeing Social Media More as Portal Than as Pitfall,” New York Times, by Perri Klass, January 9, 2012.

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“‘I’d love to become an introvert,'” said the extrovert, ‘if I could only be sure that people will learn of my conversion.'”

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source: “Aphorisms by Felix Pollak” (Appendix D), in Arrows of Longing (Athens: Ohio University Press, 1998), 227.

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“Leave an extrovert alone for two minutes and he will reach for his cell phone. In contrast, after an hour or two of being socially ‘on,’ we introverts need to turn off and recharge. My own formula is roughly two hours alone for every hour of socializing…For introverts, to be alone with our thoughts is as restorative as sleeping, as nourishing as eating.”

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source: “Caring for Your Introvert: The habits and needs of a little-understood group,” The Atlantic, March 2003.

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