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“Copy editors attend the flow of the prose and watch for the leaks.”

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source: “Draft No. 4: Replacing the Words in Boxes,” New Yorker, April 29, 2013.

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medium: Essay

“I’ve discovered that one’s ‘ideal editor’ changes as one ages. At 83, with one eye gone and a lot of my hearing, my ideal editor is a young woman, preferably a pretty one, who doesn’t necessarily know anything about prose but who is a good driver and willing to take me on long journeys in my car.”

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source: Letters of E. B. White, rev. edition edited by Martha White (New York: Harper Perennial, 2007), 664.

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medium: letter

notes: letter to Ms. Elsie Myers Stainton dated May 24, 1983

“Never demean yourself by talking back to a critic, never. Write those letters to the editor in your head, but don’t put them on paper.”

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source: The Paris Review Interviews, vol. I (New York: Picador, 2006), 33.

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medium: interview

notes: Originally published in Issue 16 of The Paris Review, 1957.

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