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“I think we do need to carry the blueprint, the image of something we want. I don’t mean the impossible, the absolute thing, the romantic thing, the neurotic thing, the narcissistic thing like trying to find the twin who says ‘yes’ to everything. I mean once you are ready to accept the reality of human beings, then I think you do need to have a blueprint. I say the dream serves to guide us towards what we want. We do have to have a wish—I don’t mean that kind of impossible hope—but we do have to have some image of what we want to go towards, because that guides us.”

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source: “Proceed from the Dream,” in A Woman Speaks (Chicago: The Swallow Press, 1975), 125.

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notes: essay is built out of various seminars, talks, and interviews given by Nin

“The only screenplays that aren’t tampered with are the ones that aren’t made. Making a movie is an ensemble act. Writers are not authors out there. And scripts are not books. They’re blueprints. You work with others or you’re gone.”

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source: The Paris Review Interviews, vol. I (New York: Picador, 2006), 398.

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medium: interview

notes: Originally published in Issue 138 of The Paris Review, 1996.

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