Oct 3
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I’m asking writers, artists, musicians, farmers, philosophers, architects, doctors, politicians, bankers, engineers, etc. if there’s one quote in particular that has shaped the way they think about something. It can be from any source, on any topic. Today’s post comes from Douglas Rushkoff, an author, teacher, and documentarian. His new book, Program or Be Programmed, is published by OR Books.


For me, the guiding quote has always been Timothy Leary: “Find the others.”

        He said it during the Berkeley lectures of 1969. A girl got up after his talk, and asked what she should do. She had taken psychedelics and come to understand the world around her in a totally new way. What should she do now? And Timothy said, “Find the others.”

        In my own work, I have taken this quote a step further—so that it means “others” quite literally. Find the *others*—those who are different, those who you still consider “other,” and figure out how to reach over to them, so that no one is on an opposing team.


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