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Saul Steinberg


Romanian-born U.S. cartoonist and illustrator

“Four is an interesting number because it is a shape that would arouse the curiosity of a cat. Most numbers are either open or closed. Number 8, for instance, is closed; a cat has no business to look inside. A cat likes to peer into something that is half open—a little bit open—a mystery. Number 3 is obvious; number 1 is nothing; 5 perhaps is more intriguing, but 4 certainly is perfectly designed and engineered for a cat to look inside and find out what is going on.”

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source: “Straight from the Hand and Mouth of Steinberg,” in Life magazine, December 10, 1965, 60.

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“The doodle is the brooding of the hand.”

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source: “People,” Time magazine, October 16, 1978.

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