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Christopher Hitchens

(b. 1949– )

English-born U.S. journalist and author

“If you think you know what plagiarism is, you are making a very large claim—the claim that you know originality when you see it.”

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source: “Steal This Article,” Vanity Fair, May 1996.

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“The great thing about writing a book is that it brings you into contact with people whose opinions you should have canvassed before you ever pressed pen to paper. They write to you. They telephone you. They come to your bookstore events and give you things to read that you should have read already. It’s this dialectical process that makes me glad I chose the profession I did: a free education that goes on for a lifetime.”

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source: “Finding Morals Under Empty Heavens,” Science & Spirit, July/August 2007.

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“How am I? I’m dying. Everybody is, but…the process has accelerated on me, so I’m looking for ways to try to die more like you.”

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source: “Hitchens Talks to Goldblog About Cancer and God,” by Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic, August 6, 2010.

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