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“About dreams. It is usually taken for granted that you dream of something that has made a particularly strong impression on you during the day, but it seems to me it’s just the contrary.
        Often it’s something you paid no attention to at the time—a vague thought that you didn’t bother to think out to the end, words spoken without feeling and which passed unnoticed—these are the things that return at night, clothed in flesh and blood, and they become the subjects of dreams, as if to make up for having been ignored during waking hours.”

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source: Doctor Zhivago (New York: Pantheon, 1997), 283.

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“I do not feel I have been told a fact hitherto unknown to me, but rather, that I have been made conscious of a fact which, unconsciously, I have always known.”

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source: Foreword to Sens-Plastique (Los Angeles: Green Integer, 2008), 5.

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