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“I love dresses, especially good vintage from the early ’70s–Yves Saint Laurent and Ossie Clark, and anything in silk, printed crepe, or chiffon. I love polka dots, peplums, cap sleeves, tea lengths, cloth-covered buttons, high heels, and wide belts. Everything I buy has to have a waist that fits; that’s the only design element about which I’m completely inflexible.”

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source: “Joanna Newsom,” interviewed by Roy Harper, BOMB magazine, Issue 116, Summer 2011.

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“He had never seen a woman who wore her clothes with such apparent joy. And the clothes themselves looked as if, in being draped on her body, they had won new life for themselves.”

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source: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (New York: Vintage, 2007), 192.

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