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“I’m repeatedly asked how I write, what my ‘process’ is. My answer is simple: I think patiently, trying out sentences in my head. That is the root of it. What happens on paper or at the keyboard is only distantly connected. The virtue of working this way is that circumstance—time, place, tools—make no difference whatsoever. All I need is my head. All I need is the moments I have.”

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source: “Where Do Sentences Come From?,” by Verlyn Klinkenborg, The Opinionator, New York Times, August 13, 2012.

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“A little more patience, a little more charity for all, a little more devotion, a little more love; with less bowing down to the past, and a silent ignoring of pretended authority; brave looking forward to the future with more faith in our fellows, and the race will be ripe for a great burst of light and life.”

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source: The Motto Book (East Aurora, NY: The Roycrofters, 1920), 7.

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