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“Nothing that year was sweeter than buying villagers we liked a pastis with money we earned working their land. If you can work in Provence, even for a single day, you should do it.”

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source: “Surrendering to Provence,” in A New York Memoir (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2010), 46.

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medium: memoir

“At the right there was an old House—the window was open. We could see a table with a greenish oil cloth, on it a long bread, a bottle of wine, heavy white plates. We could only see the old hands of the people who were eating. A hand passed a basket with 2 peaches on it. It was all the paintings of the world, quiet, resisting time, everlasting. It is the only image of duration and eternity I have seen in a long time.”

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source: letter to Felix Pollak dated July 18, 1958 in Arrows of Longing (Athens: Ohio University Press, 1998), 128–29.

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medium: letter

notes: Felix Pollak (1909–1987) was an American poet

“Only in this sun-steeped country can a heavy table, a wicker chair, an earthenware jar crowned with flowers, and a dish whose thick enameling has run over the edge, make a complete furnishing.”

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source: Break of Day (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001), new introduction by Judith Thurman, 62.

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medium: fiction

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