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“The way to know the shape of things in advance is to listen to seers and mystics instead of to economists and tacticians. The world had ample warning of every event which it has greeted with such gasps of surprise in the past twelve months. Part of the preparation for the perfect world society will be the recognition of seers. It will be required for the President of the United States that he read one poem and one parable or fable a day, in addition to the editorials in the Times.”

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source: “Compost,” in One Man’s Meat (New York: Harper & Row, 1944), 164.

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medium: essay

notes: White wrote this essay in June 1940.

“He knew what’s what, and that’s as high
As metaphysic wit can fly…”

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source: Hudibras (London: Alex. Murray & Son, 1869), 27.

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“Savings is really not an amount; it’s an activity.”

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source: quoted in: “Free Advice on Money for Those With Little,” The New York Times, by Fernanda Santos, March 28, 2010.

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notes: this is the company slogan for The Financial Clinic, a nonprofit organization founded by Mae Watson Grote and dedicated to the financial security of working poor people

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