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“I would like to make solid wood clocks if the opportunity came up. I like glue, and I like to cut with saws.”

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source: “Bob Dylan in Conversation with John Elderfield,” Spring 2011.

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medium: Interview

“You can’t drive a bent nail home.”

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source: “Flying Scrolls,” in The Skylark: and Other Poems (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1959), 72.

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medium: Poetry

“Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry…Both are very hard work. Writing something is almost as hard as making a table. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood. Both are full of tricks and techniques. Basically very little magic and a lot of hard work are involved.”

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source: The Paris Review Interviews, vol. II (New York: Picador, 2007), 190.

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medium: Interview

notes: Originally published in Issue 82 of The Paris Review, 1981.

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“The best lesson my mom taught me was how to be scrappy. She was a beauty queen and had her own television show. But for her birthday, she’d buy herself a table saw. She put a roof on our house. My father—great as he is—couldn’t pick up a hammer. It was my mom who was up there pounding the shingles in. But more than that, she taught me how to be realistic and survive in weird situations.”

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source: “What I’ve Learned: George Clooney,” by Cal Fussman, Esquire, December 31, 2004.

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