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British comedy

“Once he had started work on a script he disliked ever having to stop; he wrote as he thought, and if he came to a place where the right line failed to emerge, he would just jab a finger at one of the keys, type ‘FUCK IT’ or ‘BOLLOCKS,’ and then carry on regardless. The first draft would feature plenty of such expletives, but then, which each successive version, the expletives grew fewer and fewer, until by about the tenth draft, he had a complete, expletive-free script.”

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source: description of Spike Milligan’s script writing process, in Spike & Co. (London: Hodder, 2007).

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medium: Nonfiction

notes: quoted in Nick Hornby's "May 2008," in Shakespeare Wrote for Money (San Francisco, CA: Believer Books, 2008), 119–20.

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