Apr 2
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“The flying squirrel is a gay pet, and is frequently carried in his young master’s pocket. He is fed and treated like others of the squirrel kind. He has an expansion of skin, by means of which he takes enormous leaps, the extended skin acting both as a parachute to support, and an air-rudder to guide him.

Squirrels may be fed on all kinds of fruits, particularly those of the nut kind, such as filberts, woodnuts, walnuts, almonds, accords, beechmast, and they are very fond of the cones of the fir tree. They will also sip milk, and eat break and milk with avidity. Some squirrels are very difficult to tame; and when this is attempted they must be taken from the nest at a very early age. With care and attention, and method, for there is a great deal of method required in taming animals, the squirrel is frequently brought to know, love and obey his keeper, and will come at his call. Some exhibit excessive fondness for those who keep them, and will come and nestle in their bosoms and play all kinds of engaging tricks.”
Book of Household Pets, and How to Manage Them (New York: Dick and Fitzgerald, Publishers, 1866), 83.


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