“I have always liked a good peanut butter sandwich but unless you make it yourself these days they are absolutely impossible to get. Most modern cooks have no idea how to prepare one. Peanut butter is very difficult to handle if not handled just so. Here is how you do it and it is a trick well worth knowing.
        Take your slice of bread and butter it well with soft butter. Put it into your toaster and leave it for about 60 to 75 seconds, depending upon your toaster or until the butter is well melted and soaked into the bread. Quickly remove the bread and, while it is piping hot, spread your peanut butter onto the bread. You will find that the melted butter will soften the peanut butter and make it flow onto the bread smoothly and evenly. As you know, peanut butter is next to impossible to spread evenly as it comes from the jar. Now depending upon whether you like a sour or sweet sandwich, put sliced dill pickles or jelly onto the peanut butter. The pickles or jelly will keep the peanut butter from sticking to your mouth preventing you from getting its good nutty taste. Makes a really fine sandwich.”

—this and other recipes by George Leonard Herter and Berthe E. Herter, in Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices (Waseca, Minnesota: Herter’s Inc., 1970), 184


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