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Steve Martin

(b. 1945– )

U.S. actor, comedian, writer, playwright, producer, musician, and composer

“I have been performing a long time, and I can tell when the audience’s attention is straying. I do not need a note.”

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source: “The Art of Interruption,” The New York Times, December 4, 2010.

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medium: Op-Ed

notes: Steve Martin wrote this Op-Ed (worth reading) in response to audience complaints at an event he took part in—an on-stage conversation with the art critic Deborah Solomon—at the 92nd St. Y in New York City. The conversation focused on art, not his career, and the audience thought it was boring. The Y offered refunds to its patrons. A few days after the event, Martin tweeted: "I am offering to erase my signature from signed books at 92nd St. Y."

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