QUOTENIK is a growing library of verified quotes, launched in June 2010 by me, Sara Bader. I am a writer, archival researcher, and editor. Every day I come across words I want to keep track of and share.
        The quotations gathered here are the first bricks of what will become, over time, a massive library of collected thoughts extracted from books—as well as from radio, television, the Internet, speeches, interviews, and other on- and offline sources. A conversation overheard in line at the airport or ballpark, advertising slogans, billboards—if it’s a line worth remembering, I’ll add it to the library. The other day, for example, I visited an antique shop a few towns north of where I live. I bought a table for my office made of solid rock maple. It was noticeably underpriced. I asked the owner about it as I reached for my wallet. “A fast buck is better than a slow ten,” he told me, a line his father passed down to him—now part of QUOTENIK.
        A good, strong quote—read or heard at the right time—can confirm and reinforce what we already feel or know. It can also be an agent of change. A well-framed thought articulated by someone else can reshape our perspective, even influence the choices we make. With his book Food Rules, a pocket-sized guide to healthy eating, Michael Pollan hopes that a few of the rules “will prove sufficiently sticky, or memorable, that they will become second nature” to the reader. QUOTENIK’s hope is similar, that the observations collected in this library will somehow come in handy as we navigate our lives.
        Every day people write and say things worth remembering. Their words are the engine of this site.

QUOTENIK’s mission:

→ To preserve the integrity of quotes by confirming their accuracy. (“Quotable quotes are coins rubbed smooth by circulation,” wrote Louis Menand in The New Yorker.) Every entry added to this collection—whether published hundreds of years ago or today—is verified and properly sourced.

→ To gather and expand the inventory of quotable thoughts in our conversations and cultural consciousness so we have fresh material to consider and share. On QUOTENIK you can find, confirm, research, and enjoy the words others have written or spoken — from Homer to Homer Simpson.

Thanks for stopping by.